A rat is seen in a home. Albert's offers pest and rodent control.

Turn To The Pest And Rodent Control Peoria IL Trusts

It’s natural to feel upset when you first realize you have a pest infestation in your home. There’s an obvious ick factor, but it’s more than that – some of these pests are hazardous to your health, can damage your home or both. No matter what kind of pest or rodent has invaded your home, we can address the problem safely and effectively. Call the pest and rodent control Peoria IL trusts: Albert’s Termite & Pest Control.

How Does Albert’s Deal With Pests?

Albert’s has been serving Peoria-area homes and businesses plagued with termites, bees, fleas, cockroaches, ants and rodents and other pests for more than 40 years. All methods used are safe and effective. When chemicals are needed, Albert’s uses only those that are EPA-approved, and they are applied by well-trained and certified technicians.

 Does Albert’s Have Advice For Keeping Mice And Rats From Getting Inside?

It takes quite a bit of work to keep a determined rodent from getting into a home or business, but it’s worth the effort. Rodents often seek shelter when the weather changes, but they can show up at any time of year. They are drawn to warmth and food. It takes only a small opening to allow them access to your house: A mouse can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime while a rat requires an opening as small as a quarter. But there are ways to make it more difficult for these pests to gain access to your home. Here are our suggestions to keep rodents (and many other pests) out:

  • Inspect your house: Look for any openings in your home’s exterior. Remember what small openings pests require, and seal even the smallest ones.
  • Make a careful inspection of your house’s foundation and make any necessary repairs.
  • Check for gaps around pipes and vents. Make certain pests can’t get in!

What Are Some Ways To Avoid Attracting Pests?

It doesn’t take much to attract rodent and insect pests. Here are some basic things you can do to help prevent an infestation:

  • Uncovered food – including pet food – is an attractant. Never leave it out where it could attract rodents, roaches or other pests.
  • Always practice sanitation and good housekeeping.
  • Your trash is a delight to rodents and insects! Cover your trash cans to avoid attracting bugs. Use containers rodents cannot gnaw through.
  • If you have pets, store their food appropriately.
  • If you have fruit or nut trees, clean up after them during harvest season. Pests like fallen fruits and nuts.
  • Check your garage, especially if it’s attached to your house, for items potentially attractive to pests, such as grass seed or flower bulbs. Place such items in appropriate containers.
Evidence is seen of a rodent having gnawed on wiring. Albert's performs pest and rodent control in Peoria IL.

Why Are Rodents Especially Harmful?

There are many good reasons people throughout history have sought to keep rodents out of their homes. Rodents’ teeth grow for life, so they gnaw constantly to wear them down. Your wiring, drywall and other parts of your home are convenient things to gnaw on, so you want them out before they can damage your home. An even more important reason to eliminate rodents from your home is the serious health hazard they present.

Why Are Termites So Destructive?

Termites can cause devastating damage to your home. How long has it been since your last termite inspection? If you haven’t had an inspection since you purchased your house some years ago, it’s likely time. If you find any signs of an infestation, time is of the essence. Call us for an inspection. If you do have termites in your home or non-food business, we use a product called Termidor, a 100 percent effective treatment.

Let’s Make Your Home Or Business Pest-Free!

Don’t wait. Pest problems don’t generally solve themselves, and the sooner we get started, the sooner you can enjoy a pest-free environment. For the pest and rodent control Peoria trusts, turn to Albert’s Termite & Pest Control. Call us today at 309-839-9840.

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