Termite Treatment

Termites are a very real threat. They could already be inside your home. Every year, they inflict $2 billion in damage on American soil. When it’s your property and pocket book on the line, termite treatment is necessary.


Although many products promise solutions—from quick fixes to slow-acting baits—Albert’s Termite & Pest Control trusts only one name: TERMIDOR. TERMIDOR is a 100 percent effective termite treatment. No exceptions. TERMIDOR has been tested more than any other termite treatment in history. Time and again, it proves itself to be the industry leader in liquid termite treatment. Its unique ingestion, contact and ‘transfer effect’ manage colonies in 3 months or less.

How it works:

Termites feed each other primarily by passing food from mouth to mouth. They groom each other. They even contact each other as they forage for food. TERMIDOR takes advantage of these social behaviors to “infect” the colony.

A termite will likely pick up TERMIDOR in its food and carry it back to the colony on its body. That means every termite that it contacts, feeds or grooms will become a carrier too. Soon, the whole colony will be affected.

Because the active ingredient in TERMIDOR operates slowly, termites can continue their normal routines, long enough to make a sizeable transfer of TERMIDOR. Boom. Three months later, no termites.

Better Termite Treatment Than Baits

termite treatment

TERMIDOR works faster than bait systems, which can take years to control a termite colony. The odds of termites foraging or tunneling through a space treated with TERMIDOR are much greater than a termite running into a bait/monitoring station. Consequently, TERMIDOR manages colonies 2 to 6 times faster than bait systems. Also, TERMIDOR generally costs less than the average bait system—up to half as much.

Extra TERMIDOR facts:

It’s virtually odorless.

It works on all types of soils.

It stays in the soil years later.

Its active ingredient, Fipronil, is the same ingredient pet owners find in Front Line for flea protection.

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