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Have spiders, ants, cockroaches or mice taken over your home? It’s time to send those unwelcome houseguests packing and reclaim your home for you and your family. As seasoned exterminators, Albert’s Termite & Pest Control will eradicate any pest epidemic that has plagued your home.


Protect your investment

exterminatorsThe home is oftentimes a person’s biggest investment, not only financially but also personally. You invest your time, your money and your heart into the place. You want the peace of mind that your home is a safe place to live. You can’t have a mouse running across your foot while you’re in the bathroom or a spider creeping beneath the covers. Our exterminators are dedicated to protecting the people of Peoria, Washington, Dunlap, Pekin, East Peoria, Metamora, Germantown Hills, Morton from these invasive creatures.

Customize your plan

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, tri-annual, bi-annual and annual pest control service and maintenance. We also offer plans for people who only want service during the warmer months. At Albert’s Termite & Pest Control, it’s all about tailoring our service to meet the customer’s needs.

Enjoy competitive pricing

Unlike many companies that require an in-home inspection before quoting you a price for pest control and maintenance, we can do that over the phone. Our exterminators simply ask you a few questions about your house and about what kind of pest problem you have. At Albert’s Termite & Pest Control, we don’t believe in having a salesperson bothering you before our exterminators solve your problem. Eliminating the in-home inspection helps keep our prices low so we can give you a competitive estimate on a solution to your pest problem.

No unnecessary obligations

We believe our service speaks for itself. We don’t require our customers to enter into a lengthy contract that ties you into a service you may not even need, especially when your pest control problem is under control after just a few months of service. That said, our exterminators do offer a maintenance program to keep your pest problem from ever resurfacing.

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