Myth: In the United States, termites are only found in the south. Fact: There are 41 species of termites in North America, and while most occur in the southeast United States, the only U.S. state where termites have not been found is Alaska.

Myth: Termites serve no useful purpose; they are simply destructive pests. Fact: Termites provide a valuable service by breaking down dead wood in forests into soil. They were one of the earth’s first recyclers.

Myth: When forests are leveled and trees are removed to make room for development, termites are destroyed or removed also. Fact: Most termites nest in the ground beneath the surface. When termite colonies lose their food supply to developers, they seek out new food sources – usually wood from newly built homes on the site.

Myth: A brick house on a concrete slab is safe from termites. Fact: Virtually all homes have a wood frame, so no matter how the wood is separated from the soil, termites can work their way to it from the ground underneath. Similarly, a concrete slab does not eliminate wood-to-ground contact. Termites can construct tunnels through cracks in concrete

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