Are You Wondering How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home?

Figuring out how to get rid of mice doesn’t sound complicated. You put out some traps and voilà! No more mice! Unfortunately, many times it’s not that easy. Sometimes you check your traps and find a mouse has successfully snitched the bait without triggering the trap mechanism, or you find that mice ignore your traps and continue to get into your food stores. If you’re frustrated by the mouse elimination challenge, Albert’s Termite & Pest Control has tips for you to use – or you can call us and we’ll handle it for you.

A mousetrap is seen baited with cheese. If you're wondering "How To Get Rid of Mice?" ask Albert's Termite & Pest Control.

What If Mice Keep Taking The Bait?

It’s truly frustrating to bait several traps and in the morning find you’ve essentially served snacks to all the rodents in your house. Here are some things to try:

  • If you’re using a standard mousetrap, try wedging something like a tiny piece of bacon into/under the metal bar. There’s usually a way to anchor the bait. By firmly attaching something like a piece of bacon so the mouse will need to tug on it, you increase your chances of success.
  • Peanut butter is a tried and true bait, but if the mice in your house have learned to lick the peanut butter from the trap without getting caught, try candy instead. Choose a type of chewy candy that can be briefly microwaved to make it flexible, such as a gum drop or chewy chocolate log. While the candy is warm and malleable, form it around the metal bar. You may even be able to catch multiple mice without re-baiting.
  • Mice prefer to stay close to walls, so place your traps accordingly. However, they are capable of learning the location of a trap and avoiding it, so move your traps around frequently. Look for other spots where you have seen signs of mice, but where they’ve not encountered a trap previously.

How Can I Keep Mice Out Of My Food?

Depending on the severity of your mouse infestation, it can take a while to eliminate all pests. In the meantime, you do not want them in your pantry, contaminating your food. During an infestation, check all bags, boxes and other packaging for signs that a mouse has gotten into it. Discard any pasta, dried beans, cereal, etc. that has been compromised. Your best bet is to store all such food items in rodent-proof containers. Canned goods and items in glass jars are already secure, but place everything else in a safe container. Not only will this preserve your pantry items, but it will eliminate sources of food and make it more likely that the mice will turn to the bait on your traps.

I’m Ready For Some Professional Help!

The experienced people at Albert’s have been tackling tough mouse infestations in Peoria-area homes and businesses for 40 years. We have proven methods of ending your mouse problem fast, so if you’re ready to solve your rodent infestation, we’re here to help.

Are Albert’s Pest Control Methods Safe?

We use only safe, effective methods. All our technicians are highly trained and certified.

Can I Discourage Mice From Coming Back?

Mice are highly motivated to get into your home to access food and warmth, and they need only an opening the size of a dime to get in. But you can help make it harder for mice to get into your house:

  • Inspect your exterior: Seal even the smallest ones.
  • Never leave pet food out.
  • Practice good housekeeping.
  • Choose covered rodent-proof trash cans.
  • Clean up fallen fruits or nuts if you have such trees in your yard.
  • Check your garage and basement for items that might draw mice, such as grass seed or flower bulbs.
A mouse is seen on a white background. If you're wondering "How To Get Rid of Mice?" ask Albert's Termite & Pest Control in Peoria.

Are You Ready To Solve Your Mouse Problem?

If you’re struggling with the question of how to get rid of mice, we are here to help. Contact the mouse exterminator Peoria IL trusts: Albert’s Termite & Pest Control. We also offer services to rid you of other pests. Call us today at

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