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Got pests? Act fast before the problem worsens! No matter what kind of pest or rodent has invaded your home, we are here to help. Get the mice and pest control Peoria IL trusts: Albert’s Termite & Pest Control.

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Is Expert Pest Control A Good Idea?

The experienced people at Albert’s have been expertly taking care of Peoria-area homes and businesses plagued with rodents, termites, cockroaches, bees, fleas, ants and other pests for more than 40 years now. We understand how to deal with pests safely and effectively. When chemicals are needed, we use only the formulations that are EPA-approved. All our technicians are well-trained and certified. We will eliminate your pest problem as carefully as we would handle it in our own homes.

Are There Ways To Keep Mice And Rats From Getting In?

Rodents seem nearly ingenious at gaining access to homes. However, there are plenty of things you can do that make it harder for them to get in. Rodents often seek shelter and warmth as the weather cools in the late autumn. But they can show up at any time of year. They are interested in the food and warmth a home can offer, and they can sneak in if given even the smallest of openings. How small of a space are we talking about? Mice require an opening as small as a dime to get in, while rats require an opening the size of a quarter. Here are some of our suggestions for keeping pests out of your home:

  • Perform a do-it-yourself inspection: Are there any openings in your home’s exterior? Keep in mind what small openings many pests require. Seal even the smallest cracks you find.
  • Small cracks in your foundation can be an access point, too. Make any necessary repairs.
  • Do you have any gaps associated with the pipes and vents leading to the exterior of your home? Take care of them if so.

What Attracts Pests?

It doesn’t take much to attract pests into your house. To un-invite them, try these basic things:

  • If you have pets, keep their food contained in a way that prevents it attracting roaches, rodents or other pests. Never leave it to sit out for long periods.
  • Good sanitation and good housekeeping are important, but keep in mind that even the most perfectly kept home can still end up with an infestation. Don’t feel bad if this happens to you!
  • Invest in rodent-proof trash cans with tight covers.
  • Fruit or nut trees are wonderful additions to your property. But unfortunately, pests enjoy them, too, so always clean up fallen fruits and nuts.
  • Look for potential pest attractants in your garden shed, garage and basement. If you are storing items like flower bulbs or grass seed, make sure to place them in rodent-proof containers.

Are Rodent Infestations Dangerous?

There are good reasons people throughout history have sought to keep mice and rats out of their homes. They’re destructive. Because their teeth never stop growing, they feel the need to gnaw constantly – and your drywall, wiring and the lumber supporting your walls may be damaged. However, there is an even more important reason to eliminate rodents: Their droppings, urine and bodies may carry serious diseases. Our professional techs have the proper safety equipment and training to safely deal with a rodent infestation.

Can Termites Damage Your House?

To termites, your house is a tasty snack. If they are present in your home, the sooner you deal with them, the less damage they can do. When was your last termite inspection? If you have not had one since you purchased your house, it’s probably time to have another. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve seen signs of an active termite infestation. If that’s the case, call us immediately so we can eliminate these pests before they do serious damage. We have a 100 percent effective termite treatment for your home or for any non-food business: Termidor.

 A tech is seen spraying for pests. Albert's Termite & Pest Control offers Mice and Pest Control in Peoria IL.

Are You Ready For A Pest-Free Home?

Let’s solve your pest problem and make your home a safe and comfortable place again. For the mice and pest control Peoria IL trusts, turn to Albert’s Termite & Pest Control. Call us today at 309-839-9840.

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