A tech is seen spraying for bugs. Albert's Termite & Pest Control is one of the top Pest Control Companies in Peoria IL.

Tips For Choosing Pest Control Companies In Peoria IL

The minute you realize you have an infestation, your immediate reaction is to find the best pest control companies in Peoria IL. And that means Albert’s Termite and Pest Control.

What Pests Does Albert’s Handle?

We can take care of any pest, including:

  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice

Does Albert’s Offer Service Contracts?

While we do offer service contracts, they are completely optional. In many cases, we can take care of your infestation in a short time, with no need for a lengthy maintenance program. We can also offer customized warm-weather-only maintenance plans. Talk to us about your pest control needs.

How Can I Prevent Rodent Infestation?

Mouse infestations are one of the most preventable of infestations. If you have a mouse issue (or worse, rats) in your home or business, we can help. But there are steps you can take too, including these:

  • Remove any food and water sources that might attract rodents.
  • Use covered metal trash cans..
  • Store pet food in glass or metal containers.
  • If you have a compost container outside, elevate it at least one foot off the ground.
  • If you have fruit or nut trees, pick up the fallen fruits and nuts before they can attract pests.
  • Keep your garage clan and if you have things like grass seed, tulip bulbs or bone meal, keep them in mouse-proof containers.
  • Inspect your house for any foundation cracks or broken windows pests may be able to squeeze through.
  • Install flashing to keep pests from climbing up your siding and accessing your attic.
  • Remove ivy, trim shrubs, elevate firewood and keep bushes away from your foundation.
A bug is seen crawling over a toothbrush. Albert's Termite & Pest Control is one of the top Pest Control Companies in Peoria IL.

Are You Ready To Work With The Best Pest Control Companies In Peoria IL?

Don’t deal with pests one day longer than you have to. Do you want one of the best pest control companies in Peoria IL? Call Albert’s Termite and Pest Control today at 309-839-9840.

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