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Are you looking for reliable pest control services in Peoria, IL? Look no further than Albert’s Termite & Pest Control. For over 40 years, our family-owned business has provided expert extermination and prevention services to Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin and Morton residents. We specialize in eliminating spiders, ants, cockroaches and mice from your home or commercial property. Our experienced exterminators have the knowledge and tools necessary to get rid of any infestation quickly and safely so that you can reclaim your home or office space for you and your family or employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

What Pest Services Do We Offer?

At Albert’s Termite & Pest Control, we take pride in our ability to provide fast and effective pest control services. We use the latest tools and methods to ensure that every job is done right the first time. Whether you’re dealing with a small or large infestation, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to identify the source of your problem and implement a comprehensive solution. We also offer long-term prevention plans to ensure that your home or business remains free of pests in the future. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • General Pest Control: Nothing is more unpleasant than finding mice, cockroaches or other unwelcome guests making themselves comfortable in your home! Thankfully, Albert’s has what you need to drive pests away and keep them from returning. From traps to pesticides, we wrangle critters and track them to their source, eliminating them altogether. For consistent pest control services, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service plans for continued pest prevention.
  • Termite Inspections: Do you suspect termites are making a meal of your home? Are you trying to inspect a property before purchasing? Seek expert termite inspection services from Albert’s! Outside our standard termite inspections, we also perform inspections for homeowners seeking conventional lending, refinancing, FHA loans, and more. We can quickly determine whether your property is safe from infestation or if termites have impacted the structural integrity of your home.
  • Termite Control: After discovering termites, Albert’s will take steps to eradicate these troublesome insects from your property completely. Rather than relying on “quick fixes” or slow-acting baits, our exterminators utilize TERMIDOR. TERMIDOR is a proven termite control option, showing 100% effectiveness against termites of all kinds. With TERMIDOR, you can expect the termite colonies in your home to be eliminated in three months or less.

Pest Experts Who Care

Albert’s Termite & Pest Control understands the dangers of having pests infest your house. However, some pest treatment methods are just as hazardous to the health of your household. As such, with Albert’s, you can be confident in the safety and non-hazardous nature of our termite and pest treatment. The pesticides we use are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and our technicians are licensed through the Illinois Department of Health.

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Pests and termites are problematic for your home. Thankfully, through the quick and expert pest control in Peoria IL offered by Albert’s, unwelcome critters are a thing of the past! To learn more or schedule an estimate, contact Albert’s Termite & Pest Control today at 309-839-9840. We serve residential and commercial clients in Peoria, East Peoria, Morton, Pekin and the surrounding communities.

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